YOQIDO meridian health                                            

       eenvoudig en effectief pijnklachten oplossen

The Three Treasures of Origin TenderPoint Therapy: 
 *Antui 按推            --------- Original tenderpoint TUINA massage/ press & push' manipulation
 * Wenfu 温敷         ---------- warm up /  thermotherapy or heat therapy
 * Jiangtang 姜汤    ---------- Ginger tea /  'ginger drink', 'ginger soup

The treatment of any illness, disease or disorder becomes simplified with OPM's Three Treasures. Please note Dr Chang did not come up with the term "triple gem" or "three treasures" or "three jewels". These are colloquial terms used by many OPM learners, who are Buddhists, to describe the preciousness & importance of antui, wenfu and jiangtang in OPM treatments.

*Antui massage  按推 ('press & push' manipulation) is OPM style massage technique where the elbow or knuckle or thumb is 'pressed' deeply onto the origin point, followed by 'pushing to and fro' of the depressed soft tissues for a few seconds. There is a rubbing motion but no friction or gliding over the skin. To be effective, the pressure while doing antui massage must inflict some pain on the patient but it must be bearable.

* Wenfu   温敷 (thermotherapy or heat therapy) - increasing a patient's heat-energy with external heat sources such as heat pack filled with azuki bean, wheat or gel suitable for heating in the microwave oven. Warm compress, heat lamp, electric-heated underblanket, water-heated underblanket and any other heating equipment suitable for thermotherapy are all acceptable.

* Jiangtang  姜汤  Ginger water  (also translated as 'ginger drink', 'ginger soup' or 'ginger tea').

Ginger water prepared and consumed OPM-style is recommended to be the main way of increasing a patient's bodily heat-energy with internal heat sources.

Foods grouped under 'warming' and 'heating' categories (see Vegetarian Food Cold-Hot (Innate Heat) Energy Table) are able to increase our bodily heat-energy - ginseng soup, pepper, curry, chili, mustard, onion, garlic, etc.

Another very important internal heat source is within our body - by doing physical exercises the muscles & tissues are put to work and produce heat. This generated heat increases our bodily heat-energy.